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Blue Renaissance Creative Group
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about us

The Blue Renaissance Creative Group is a restoration project of sorts. A "renaissance" is the rediscovery and re-deployment of something "classic".  We believe the beauty of Christ, and the eternal purposes of God are, indeed, classic, and that through art, creativity, observation, response, struggle and authenticity we have set out to rediscover them for our present world.

Over the years we have evolved from a small band of musicians, to a diverse group of creatives, to an online repository of inspiration, to a publishing house of immense resource, to a training program for like-minded art-prophets, and we continue to evolve and grow as a team of hope-infused voices for a hurting world.






Our music catalog is extensive. Producing the careers of 100 Portraits, Ben Pasley, and Enter The Worship Circle we have also provided influence and support to many others including Karla Adolphe, Aaron Strumpel, and (we decided to stop dropping names, we blushed, and found this part of resume writing to be uncharacteristic ). We write and create new music, promote new music in the public marketplace, support prophet-artists in their career paths, and invent new ways to take the stage and saturate the world with love. 


We provide guide services for those in similar pioneering work. Established in 1993, our experiences across the creative spectrum and through countless organizational partnerships have loaded tons of assets into our leadership bank, and we happily share with others.


We exploit the internet and the exploding digital connectivity era for the purposes of delivering quality faith-infused content to a global audience. Our teams are always evolving, responding, and engaging in social media and in creative online publishing effor


Publishing books and resources, equipping authors, and advocating for fresh voices in literature is essential to our work. We have many books in print, and have published copious print material for training, seminars, retreats, and  spiritual discovery over the last two decades.


The moment of public presentation is our favorite place to imagine our work. The culmination of creative season, music publishing, and team formation is often at the microphone. We support many artists in their commitment to the stage and give specific support to Ben Pasley, Karla Adolphe, and Enter The Worship Circle in their recent evolutions.


As a non-profit work we are full of desire to advocate for the hurting, care for the forgotten, and be a help for the wanderer. We happily receive donations on this website, and will redirect in many cases to micro-sites and online resources that weave together to form a tapestry of mission.

The Blue Renaissance Creative Group has been a catalyst for faith-based art and redemptive public engagement for over twenty years, and an essential part of my lab experience since 1994.
— Joe Steinke, 24-7 Prayer







We welcome your contact anytime. Our home offices are in Woodland Park, Colorado, but like many of our co-pioneers, our work is most always out in the world around us. You might mail us at 1067 E US Hwy 24, Woodland Park, CO 80863, call us at 719-633-2515, or just drop us a note right here: